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The second wine:

The Château Ramage La Batisse produces a second wine, which is available with the following labels:

- Clos de Ramage
- R de Ramage
- Château Tourteran

This second wine is aged six months in 4th-year oak barrels.
130 000 bottles are produced and heavy bottles are used.

It has won 18 medals and had 7 mentions:

5 Gold Medals (Concours Général Européen, Vinalies Internationales, Citadelles du Vin)
8 Silver Medals (Paris, Bruxelles, Concours Général Européen, Vinalies Internationales, Vignerons Indépendants)
5 Bronze Medals (International Wine challenge, Japan Wine Challenge, Vignerons Indépendants)

The excellent Rosé de Ramage:

Château Ramage La Batisse also produces a delicious Bordeaux Rosé, available with two labels: La Rosée de Ramage or Château Ramage La Batisse Bordeaux Rosé.
The technical data is as follows:

- Total area: 4.5 hectares.
- Grape varieties: 80 % Merlot, 20 % Cabernet Sauvignon.
- Average age of the vines: 35 years.
- Soil: sandy and gravelly.
- Harvesting: manual and mechanical.
- Winemaking and ageing: Blend of 80% Vieux Merlot by bleeding, and 20% de Cabernet Sauvignon by direct pressing, cold settling, low temperature fermentation to enhance the aromas, stirring of the lees to give it fatness.
- Type of bottle: Bordeaux Bottle.
- Packaging: cartons.

It’s a powerful and aromatic rosé; fresh and well-balanced, it conveys all the finesse and elegance of its much sought after land. It can be enjoyed throughout an entire meal, at any time of year.
It wins medals on a regular basis and is often mentioned in specialised press and guidebooks.

The Château Ramage La Batisse is also available with a different label, The Bastide De Ramage:

Since its 2002 vintage, this wine has been awarded
10 medals:
2 Gold Medals (Concours général Européen and Citadelles du vin), 2 Silver Medals (Vinalies Internationales and Japan Wine Challenge), 6 Bronze Medals (Mâcon, International Wine Challenge, Vignerons Indépendants)

Château Ramage La Batisse wine is usually packaged in cartons, but is also available in 3, 6 or 12-bottle wooden cases; or in the very beautiful 12-bottle flat wooden cases: the Ecrin de Ramage.

Full bottles, half-bottles, magnums, double-magnums and impériales of Château Ramage La Batisse are available.

We hope that you will soon be enjoying the Château Ramage La Batisse’s wonderful wines.

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